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Maggie Wahlberg

I came into contact with the first roller massage machines in 2012 when I bought two for my salon and then noticed that my customers were pleasantly surprised by all the effects. Personally, I didn't start rolling regularly until 2014 when I finally got my own machine for home use and OMG, what a turnaround! My weight loss took off at an incredible speed, despite the fact that during that particular period I did not take care of my diet at all. 


As I had several extra kilos to lose, I was a little worried that the skin would not keep up, but on the contrary, what an amazing skin tightening I got! And even though I had some extra kilos left, my body became firm and well-shaped, in addition to that, my cellulite disappeared completely. The skin became smooth and firm, the arms tightened, the butt received a lift I could only dream of before. This encouraged me to take that step further to start both working out and exercising. So for me, ShapeRoll was the first step to better well-being and a healthier lifestyle on all levels. Something else I  discovered was that I more or less never got sick, no matter how much people around me coughed, sneezed, had the stomach flu, it didn't bite me at all. At first I didn't connect it with rolling until more people told me that they don't get sick since they started rolling. The explanation isoxygen....

I am so extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to experience this and also pass this on so that others can feel better too! ♡

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