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Massage & Training

Most people know that massage has beneficial effects. The positive results are many, here, however, we choose to focus only on massage in combination with exercise and physical activity.

Many focus mostly on how and what you train, the fact is that recovery after training can be at least as important.

Hard and regular training can lead to the body becoming stressed, accumulating fluid and feeling heavy. Almost everyone who exercises continuously has at some point felt the feeling of psychologically wanting and having motivation for their training, but at the same time having a body that lacks energy due to that it hasn't really had time to fully recover from the previous training session. Athletes, athletes and gym training have recently opened their eyes to the importance of adequate recovery in order to get optimal results with their training. In connection with this, supplements such as connective tissue massage, foam rollers or LPG have been used, all different methods to stretch, soften and contribute to the recovery of tired muscles that have had to work hard.

Regular supplementary massage is not enough

Massage is one of the oldest techniques available to treat sore and tense muscles.It has a relaxing effect, lowers muscle tone, dissolves tension and cramps in the muscle and increases circulation in the skin, connective tissue and muscles. It makes the supply at the cellular level better, the waste products are transported away faster and the metabolism increases. The downsideis that in the long run it can be both costly and time-consuming, which does not allow itregularityas required for the best possible effect. The alternatives have not been many on the Scandinavian market, you simply have to resort to manual solutions such as massage balls, foam rollers, nail mats and other self-help tools. These tools can be both awkward, painful and mismatched the quick results we expect.Is there any working solution? 

Roll massage, the revolutionized method to optimize your training and recovery! 

Roll massage is a developed and streamlined method that is simple to perform and brings quick results. To facilitate the pace and lifestyle of modern man, we have developed powerful and effective massage devices. These should be part of the gym machine parks where they should be available to members just like any other gym machine. Roll massage  is an excellent complement to all kinds of exercise, movement and exercise, it can be part of the warm-up before exercise or provide the opportunity for faster recovery after physical activity. Roller massage increases blood circulation and oxygenation, boosts the lymphatic system, prevents and treats injuries, softens, lengthens tissue and can also prevent scar tissue and adhesions in muscles and connective tissue. Roller massage provides the opportunity for regularity as it is included in the gym fee and does not cost extra every time you need to be massaged. It doesn't take much time either, 5-10 minutes before or after training is all that is needed. You now have the opportunity to help your body recover faster, also in connection with your training! By rolling regularly before or after your training sessions, you will improve your mobility, recover faster, and reduce the risk of injuries. Regardless of whether you are an elite athlete or exerciser, the roll massage benefits the body's recovery and performance. 

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Roll massage on OxyTone®

In order to meet the need for massage in connection with training, we have developed and developed our great heroOxyTone®which changed and optimized the training tremendously for its users. OxyTone  is a self-propelled, robust and powerful massage device that can now be seen in well-stocked and complete gyms. As a member of the gym, you can get a quick, simple and effective massage free of charge. It's as simple as just walking forward and pressing a button and leaning against the wave-shaped rotating massage roller, choose any part according to your needs. The intensity and feeling cannot be compared to anything else! With OxyTone  you get a massage on your terms. 

Here, Ako Rahim, also known as Toro in Gladiators, performs roll massage on the OxyTone roll massage machine


OxyTone®  are available to members at well-stocked training centers. You can therefore receive free regular roll massage if your gym has chosen to invest in OxyTone.


OxyTone®is powerful, intense and smooth in its execution, hence fast results!

All bodies react differently, however, the majority of users experience some kind of positive difference already after the first roll!


OxyTone®is easy to understand and adjustable. Decide for yourself when, how long, which parts and how hard you want to press. Adjust according to your needs!

Easily accessible

OxyTone®never gets "tired" and can practically work 24/7 which in turn increases availability. You avoid long waiting times and having to adapt to other people's schedules.


Easily accessible

OxyTone®massages points and areas that can normally feel impossible to access. It is also easier to find trigger points and effectively massage them. 

Roll massagehas an amazing effect on recovery! 

What makes the roll massage so unique is the intensity, but also that it gives its users the opportunity for regular massage, and it is precisely the continuity that can act in a preventive way but also remedy already existing problems. Studies show that massage effectively reduces muscle fatigue, and that the intensity of exercise pain decreases more quickly if you get a massage for a few minutes immediately after exercise compared to rest. Experts also identify massage as the best method for tired and sore muscles. Recovery after hard training is therefore faster, while muscle pain and the feeling of fatigue are reduced.  Being massaged is a good way to achieve increased local blood flow in the muscles you want to recover. The lymphatic system is stimulated and waste products are removed from the muscle, while at the same time the muscles receive extra heat and nutrition via the blood.


  1. The measures you should take after exercise are to increase the blood flow in the muscles that need to recover.

  2. An increased blood flow in turn increases the removal of waste products via the lymph nodes and the supply of nutrients to the muscles.

  3. An increased nutrient supply leads to faster recovery through muscle repair, muscle building and glycogen storage. 

  4. Roller massage speeds up the body's recovery because the increased blood flow leads to the muscles being supplied with nutrition and waste products being transported away to the lymph nodes via the blood.  


Roll massage on OxyTone accelerates the emptying of lactic acid and other waste products (empties the affected muscle groups of waste) After a heavy and intense session, many people do not have the energy to exert themselves further to recover their body, therefore OxyTone is the best solution for tired muscles right after training! 

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Roller massage lowers muscle tone

Roller massage lowers muscle tone, dissolves muscle tension and cramps, stretches and increases elasticity in the muscles. This in turn improves the metabolism of the muscles, i.e. the muscles' circulation and nutrient supply, which leads to faster recovery. If the muscles in connection with roller massage regain their normal tone, the circulation increases, waste products can be removed and the muscle cells get better access to oxygen and nutrition. In addition to that, it provides better mobility and body posture because the roll massage contributes to soft, relaxed and supple muscles.

Rollmassage underarm Ako Rahim OxyTone

Stretch Your

Inner Strength 

By Rolling

The body's performance can be improved by more effectively increasing the blood's ability to transport oxygen. In order for the muscles to be able to work, they need oxygen and nutrition, this comes to the muscles via the blood. The blood carries away carbon dioxide that is formed when the muscles work. If you exert yourself and there is a lack of oxygen in the muscles, the muscles cannot continue to work.With regular roller massage, oxygenation and blood circulation increases, which results in increased performance!

Health care concept. Man suffering from
Health care concept. Man suffering from

Roller massage effective against back strain!

Cramps can easily occur if you overexert a muscle during hard physical activity or in connection with running and jumping. The symptoms often occur in connection with sports such as running, cycling or during sports such as football, handball, paddle, tennis, badminton or floorball, i.e. sports that involve fast running and changes of direction. Roller massage can be very helpful for muscle stiffness, sore muscles or if you want to quickly increase mobility in a joint, it can also quickly relieve tendon pulls/muscle cramps. In this case, the heat from the IR OxyTone helps to further. Place your foot or calf on the rotating massage roller and let OxyTone take care of the rest. 

Roll massage gives the lymphatic system a push forward!

If you already have substandard lymph flow, hard training can impair the lymphatic system. During hard and heavy training, the body needs more blood, which leads to the lymphatic system getting even more fluid and waste products to deal with, which in turn can worsen the situation further. Roller massage has been shown to be very effective in helping with lymph flow, uThe downward pressure in the massage roller attracts fluids, this means first of all that the flow of blood increases at the same time as the lymph begins to flow up and in towards the lymph nodes. An increased lymph circulation has a cleansing effect on the body because it removes toxins, excess fluid and waste products and thus promotes recovery.

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Summary of role massage

in combination with exercise

Before exercise/physical activity:

  • Increases performance

  • Optimizes the pass

  • Oxygenates the muscle cells before training

  • Maximizes the warm-up

  • Gets blood circulation going

  • Increases muscle nutrient absorption

After exercise/physical activity:

  •  Speeds up recovery

  • Increases lymph circulation

  • Expels excess fluid

  • Accelerates the emptying of lactic acid and other waste products, i.e. empties the affected muscle groups of waste


  • Softens the connective tissue

  • Lowers/normalizes muscle tone

  • Improves mobility

  • Contributes to soft, relaxedand flexible musculature

  • Reduces the connective tissue that forms in immobile injured muscles


  • ​Relieves muscle tension

  • Facilitates finding trigger points

  • Prevents damage

  • Reduces joint pain

  • Increases metabolism

  • Tightens the skin

  • Puts fat cells into lipolysis where they are more easily burned​

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