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About us 

We are the largest in Scandinavia in terms of roller massage machines and we are content only with products of the highest quality! With a range that can satisfy different purposes and areas of use, we can match a wide user group. We are proud brand owners of ShapeRoll Original, WellRoll and OxyTone where the latter was developed and produced by ourselves!

A red thread through our journeyisthe passion for these machines and above all what they do for well-being. Many people's dream is to be able to help others, thanks to our fantastic products we can proudly say that we fulfilled that dream and more. We help people feel better♡ It is a privilege for us to have access to such genuinely fantastic products and to be able to work with what we are really passionate about!

Passion ledde oss här
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Since we have been on the Scandinavian market for the longest time, we have had time to gain solid experience regarding everything you need to know and know about role massage. We also have expertise from various professions and industries to call upon for any questions we cannot answer ourselves. Regardless, you can always count on us to help you!

Seeing all the positive reactions from those who have tested drives us forward!

Our vision is that everyone should have the opportunity to experience role massage and thereby improve both health and well-being!

Our mission is to make the public understand the importance of role massage and what a difference it can make for each individual!


As roller massage machines are still relatively unexplored in the northern part of Europe, it has sometimes been quite difficult to reach out and make the public understand how incredibly beneficial roller massage is. Above all, the difference in everything when you have a roller massage machine as a complement.

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A promise to both us and you is that we will continue to fight until we get the message out!

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