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WellRoll is a self-propelled massage device with manual control that gives the possibility of getting a roll massage without having to follow any predetermined program. WellRoll is a simplified version of ShapeRoll®Original and although the two machines resemble each other, have the same frame and model design, they differ in both execution and purpose. The machine is simple, user-friendly and requires no prior knowledge.


The design has been developed to fit into the home as well as at the company/workplace or the sports club.  WellRoll has armrests for greater comfort and is covered in artificial leather, which makes it very stylish and at the same time easy to hold clean and fresh. The natural massage roller is made of birch and is designed to provide the best possible feeling and effect. In addition to this, it has integrated IR heating. The machine is incredibly quiet and smooth in rotation. The purpose of WellRoll is above all well-being, health and recovery and is suitable for them som notwants to follow a program and is only looking for general massage.WellRoll, should be available to all those who want to be able to soften muscle tension, stretch, start blood circulation, oxygenation and much more. WellRoll is available as Home Edition & Vigour Edition, in 4 different models.

Various models & sizes

WellRoll®available in 3 different models/sizes.

If you want to see more details, you can read more here

WellRoll grupp.png


Bäst lämpad för:

  • Privat bruk

  • Arbetsplatsen

  • Massagemottagningar

  • Rehabiliteringscenter

  • Spa

  • Hotellrum​

  • Gruppträning

  • Sport/Idrottsklubbar

Före träning/fysisk aktivitet:

  • Höjer prestationen

  • Optimerar passet

  • Syresätter muskelcellerna inför träning, dvs. kärnan

  • Maximerar uppvärmningen


  • Drar igång blodcirkulationen​​​​

  • Ökar vitaliteten 

  • Muskeltonus sänks/normaliseras

  • Lättar på muskelspänningar

  • Eliminerar överskottsvätska 

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