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Welcome to Team ShapeRoll Studios! 

This is an introduction about ShapeRoll Original's background history, features and effects.

A little background and how I came up with this....

When my former mother-in-law asked me what I did for a living, I told her that I had a shaping studio with various treatments. "Then you need to get a roller massage machine, it's the only thing that has succeeded in getting rid of my pike hang. I'm 65 years old, I go to water aerobics, pole walking, group exercise, but the only thing that helped me tighten my skin is just such a machine!"

As you can see for yourself the machine is outdated with impractical and ancient, no emergency brakes, no IR and the programs were subpar!


 Actually, roll massage has been around for a very long time, in 2013 I came into contact with this machine from the Czech Republic...

By clicking on the various links, you get to the respective topic

The skin

  • Cellulite

  • Collagen & Elastin 

  • Skin tightening 

  • Stretch Marks & Scars 

  • Skin problems 


Treatments at ShapeRoll give a well-shaped body with softer, smoother and firmer skin!

The body

  • Figure shaping

  • Body types

  • Weight reduction 

  • Circulation 

  • Detox 

  • Vitality 

Meet The Team

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