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Health effects

Roll massageare among the most natural and effective methods of staying strong and healthy! It is an all-in-one treatment that works on several different areas at the same time. It has many beneficial health effects, whether it is for preventive purposes, in case of any problems, in combination with exercise or otherwise.Regardless, you notice an enormously positive difference when you roll, the body becomes more mobile, energetic and vital!  The alertness increases and you strengthen your immune system! 

It soundsmagicallybut it's really justlogically.

When you activate so manypositivethings in the body at the same time, it can only be feltbetter!

Is your body a blocked slush?

Imagine throwing leftovers and waste into your kitchen sink but you didn't know there was a waste grinder there or how to start it let alone that it could actually be emptied. Where does it all go? Yes, it gets stuck in the drain and eventually stops. So what would happen in the long run when you flush water? That's right, the water doesn't run away, it would be an unsightly mess with unpleasant consequences that you would most likely have tried to fix as soon as possible. 


This is exactly what our body often looks like when we let our lymphatic system stop, the connective tissue becomes a dump and the circulation deteriorates. We are bombarded again by toxins from food, medicines, exhaust gases, smoking and above all our clothes. With each passing day, it is filled with hundreds of new ones and if our system is not working optimally, it gets stuck in our body. Our amazing body has functions to deal with this but it needs a little help on the trot.


But can you do something yourself to prevent or remedy?! YES!!! It only requires a little understanding of what the body's various functions are for. Most people don't actually know what the lymphatic system is, what it does, or how to activate it, which is why it's often called the forgotten system. Which is quite scary as it is such an incredibly important system. You have heard of blood circulation, but what does it actually do, why is oxygenation good and why is thickened connective tissue not good? Let us explain!

Do you want to know more and understand how it works?


  • Håller ihop kroppen

  • Binder ihop kroppens celler, muskler, organ, ben, nerver och blodkärl

  • Stödjer och läker kroppen

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  • Stärker immunförsvaret

  • Dödar skadliga mikroorganismer

  • Ger näring till kroppens celler 

  • Avgörande för cellernas ämnesomsättning

  • Förbränner avfallsprodukter och gifter i cellerna så att de kan transporteras  ut ur cellerna

  • Upprätthåller mineralbalansen i kroppen

  • Syretransporten ger en förbättrad funktion och ökad motståndskraft mot belastning

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  • Renar kroppen

  • Transporterar näring till cellerna

  • Lymfnoderna bildar vita blodkroppar och antikroppar som försvar mot bakterier, virus och mikroorganismer 

  • Bekämpar infektioner och är livsviktigt för immunsystemet

  • Transporterar bort överskottsvätska från vävnader (svullnad)

  • Avlägsnar och transporterar bort döda celler

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  • Transporterar syre, näringsämnen och hormoner

  • Förbättrar kroppens förutsättningar att återhämta eller/och läka sig själv

  • Kan på sikt sänka högt blodtryck

  • Motverkar åderbråck

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Therefore, you get positive health effects with roll massage

How is it that role massage is so effective?​

Of course, it is not only one factor that contributes to this. Connective tissue massage does its job, the lymphatic drainage and detox something else,

so also the increased blood circulation and thus the oxygen supply.


The treatment stimulates the body on so many points that it contributes to a better well-being from a health perspective. The suppression of the wooden rollers attracts fluids, this mainly means that the influx of blood increases, i.e. blood circulation improves and thus also the supply of oxygen to the body's cells, which in turn i.a. leads to increased immune system, reduced pain and faster healing. In addition to that, the lymphatic fluid (lymph) begins to flow forward in the right direction, which promotes an increased lymph circulation with improved removal of waste products, toxins and excess fluid.

When the flow in the lymph and blood systems is improved, it results in a healthier and more active immune system, in addition, waste products are more easily transported away from the connective tissue

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