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Our high-quality machines are solid, sturdy, quiet and smooth in rotation. The natural wooden rollers are pleasantly shaped where comfort, efficiency and safety have been taken into account. We have three brands in our range, WellRoll®, ShapeRoll®Original & OxyTone®, all intended for one and the same thing,roll massage! In addition to that, the machines differ on several points, both regarding appearance, function and purpose. With a large variation in execution, we are able to meet various needs.


WellRoll® Original

WellRoll grupp.png

WellRoll®  is our simplified version with manual control. It is a universal machine suitable for both commercial and home use. The machine is available in different sizes, colors, Vigor Edition or Home Edition.

ShapeRoll® Original

ShapeRoll Pro Touch

ShapeRoll®Original is our flagship that has been on the market the longest and has taken its users by storm! It is a universal machine suitable for both commercial and home use. The machine is available in different sizes, Vigor Edition or Home Edition. This is the machine with program control.

OxyTone®is our shooting star who takes training to new heights! This massive and robust beast has been created to withstand a little tougher grip. 

OxyTone  is a matter of course in all gyms, crossfit boxes and training facilities!


WellRoll® / ShapeRoll®


W17xH5xD 66

WellRoll® / ShapeRoll®



WellRoll® / ShapeRoll®

Our machines and safety

Optimal wooden roller

The distance between the wooden bars on the roller is designed to exclude the possibility of sticking fingers between the bars.

Tipping safety

Our machines are very strong and robust, the frame is designed to stand stable and safe. 

Regardless of the exercise you perform, you can feel secure that the machines are stable. 

Automatic IR

Our machines are equipped with automatic IR, i.e. the infrared heating is switched on when the drum starts to rotate and switched off when the drum is stationary. This eliminates the possibility of forgetting to turn off the IR after use.

Emergency Stop

Our machines are equipped with an emergency stop. The emergency brake is stylishly integrated in the form of a rocker board on both long sides. Press the board and the machine stops immediately. 


Our machines are equipped with a plug with a switch for extra safety.



Vi får ofta frågan varför vi inte har priser på vår hemsida. Anledningen till detta är att våra maskiner är skräddarsydda och anpassas efter varje kunds specifika behov. Vi vill ge våra kunder bästa möjliga service genom att erbjuda lösningar som uppfyller deras exakta behov. Eftersom varje kund har olika önskemål behöver vi ta hänsyn till faktorer som val av modell, färg, tillval och eventuella specialanpassningar. Detta innebär att priset på en maskin kan variera, därför kan vi inte ge en generell prissättning. Vi rekommenderar att du kontaktar oss direkt för att diskutera valmöjligheter och få en offert baserad på dina specifika önskemål. Genom att arbeta tätt tillsammans kan vi säkerställa att du får en enhet som passar just dig!

Att välja rätt maskin...

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