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... comes from within! Yes, that's true, how the body feels on the inside often reflects what results we get on the outside.

It is difficult to define the word beauty as it has such a different meaning for each individual. The truth is, however, that today's ideal of beauty is still rooted in looking healthy and well. Overweight, cellulite, sagging lifeless skin are not only associated with appearance, but are also seen as a measure of how one takes care of both health and body. Is there any method that can actually shape the body, tighten or smooth the skin and improve health at the same time?  Absolutely, roll massage is such a method!

Roll massage on ShapeRoll makes you feel better on the inside and the bonus is that the outside hangs on!

Roll massage is a popular treatment with many areas of use that are used to e.g. reduce cellulite, tighten the skin and shape the bodyand reduce fatty tissue on the stomach, thighs and buttocks. It also restores the balance of the hormones, the nervous system and much more. Roll massage is an old massage method that originates from Chinese medicine and is based on connective tissue massage and lymphatic drainage. The treatment is profound and affects the lymph circulation, blood circulation and oxygenation.The increased circulation and fluid flow lead to the release of waste products, the connective tissue is softened and the elasticity of the skin is restored. Our method is not new, it has been around for decades, but the Swedish market has not been quite mature, the meaning of its beneficial effects has not been fully understood. Now, on the other hand, roll massage is as up-to-date as possible because solutions are sought that are fast, effective, healthy and natural. All it has roll massagein a single package, moreover at a reasonable cost. The best thing about this treatment is that it actually increases our well-being and improves our health and the big bonus is that the exterior also gets a noticeable difference, a difference that is not comparable to anything else. For the best effect, this particular type of roll massage is best performed by our critically acclaimedShapeRoll Original  which guides the user through the entire program.


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ShapeRoll can help slim down, shape the body, get a bum lift and get rid of cellulite!

Treatment with ShapeRoll®Original

  • Eliminates or reduces troublesome cellulite

  • Gets blood and lymph circulation going

  • Cleans out toxins and waste from the body

  • Starts collagen and elastin production

  • Oxygenates the skin

  • Cleanses the skin

  • Tightens the skin

  • Smoothes out wrinkles, lines and folds

  • Vitalizes the skin

  • Increases the skin's radiance

  • Eliminates or reduces scarring

  • Reduces stretch marks

  • Shapes, sculpts and slims the body

  • Increases fat burning

  • Increases metabolism/metabolism

  • Reduces stubborn fat deposits

  • Reduces swelling and fluid accumulation 

Miracle methods

Many times you suffer from various types of dissatisfaction with your body, it can be everything from cellulite, sagging skin to stubborn fat deposits that just refuse to give way. There are a whole host of "solutions" out there and all too often results are promised that unfortunately do not meet expectations and in the search for the perfect solution leads to a lot of rock bottoms. You buy expensive miracle creams, go through one treatment after another and feel cheated again and again and rightfully become skeptical. Unfortunately, there are many companies that do not hesitate to mislead or twist the truth in order to make money from one's weaknesses, they base the results on photoshopped images and a lot of other tricks to get the customer to test their product._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_In the end, you as a customer end up accepting that nothing helps, that you look the way you do, and give up hope for improvement.

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How can you trust that role massage really gives results?

Role massage is not magic, it is only logical! It is enough that you have a little sense of how everything is connected and can therefore understand that when the body gets a little help on the trot, you will also getnoticeable  effects in a natural and healthy way. With the help of scientific evidence, field studies, reviews and authentic images, we will tell you how it is possible. We will explain why the results often fail, and what we can do to actually get the results we expect!

That's why you get results with ShapeRoll®


The treatment stimulates the body on so many points that it contributes to better well-being, also seen from a health perspective. Here, however, we choose to put all the focus on what it does for the body on the outside. We explain in a simple way how everything is connected and why the results are so effective.

The skin

  • Cellulite

  • Collagen & Elastin 

  • Skin tightening 

  • Stretch Marks & Scars 

  • Skin problems 


Treatments at ShapeRoll give a well-shaped body with softer, smoother and firmer skin!

The body

  • Figure shaping

  • Body types

  • Weight reduction 

  • Circulation 

  • Detox 

  • Vitality 

It worksnotto replace this treatment with exercise and diet!

The current trend is exercise and muscles because it makes the body look healthy and strong. But not everyone wants to look like that, or even has the opportunity to train hard, and lighter training and exercise do not give us the effects we are looking for. FGetting the body many people desire requires tremendous dedication and commitment. Unfortunately, many people have a distorted view that diet, exercise and exercise are the answer to all bodily improvement, which is incorrect and rooted in ignorance. Don't get us wrong, diet, training and exercise are great in every way and go a long way but they don't get us all the way there. Some things cannot be trained away. Cellulite, stretch marks or loose skin, persistent fat deposits are some examples and what we are talking about here is not connected to spot burning. The fact is that those who train at a more advanced level and want optimal recovery and firmer skin often supplement with some form of method that oxygenates and kick-starts blood circulation. Only exercise and diet cannot help when we have stopped the lymphatic system, other methods are required to get it going. The diet makes us gain or lose weight and it is not always exactly what we are aiming for. It cannot fix sagging skin, nor increase blood and lymph circulation and oxygenation in the body. So more is needed, so comments like"but why don't you start exercising and eating right instead"  is complete  lack of knowledge! It is not intended to replace balanced diet or exercise with roll massage, or vice versa. A combination is the best solution, whatever the conditions. However, performing role massage is better than doing nothing at all! We also know from experience that role massage usually becomes the breeding ground for training in people who actually could not or had the desire to train or exercise.


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