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This Is How We Roll...

Welcome to the world of rolling massage!

Here you get information about rolling massage and its outstanding benefits and effects!

With us you can buy, rent

or lease rolling machines...

...and Yes, it is precisely us who have


Rolling massage

Rolling massage is an expression of massage performed by a mechanical massage device and its wave-shaped rotating wooden rollers. The massage is practical, functional, intense and effective.With the help of our machines, you can get a full-body massage or be massaged point by point.Read more and find out which option is best for you!

ShapeRoll Pos.11.jpg
ShapeRoll Original
WellRoll M & S

 Our machines

We have three brands in our range, OxyTone®, WellRoll® and

ShapeRoll®Original with varying sizes and models to be able to match different requests.The machines are available both with and without software, large and small, adapted for commercial or home use. As a buyer, you can largely influence how your machine should look like and what functions it should have.

Industries & Areas of Use


Roller machines have been associated with the beauty industry for decades because of its rapid and revolutionary results.In fact, they do so much more especially when it comes to wellness and health. We believe that the exterior is only a bonus and have therefore chosen to cover a larger area! Here we have listed areas of use where the roll machines do best!



Gym &

Training center

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