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Roll massage

for well-being, prevention and treatment

Roll massageis an expression of massage performed by a mechanical massage device and its wave-shaped rotating wooden roller.

It is an in-depth muscle and connective tissue treatment that promotes the circulation of blood, lymph and tissue fluids.

We have coined the phrase "rolla" which we use when we talk and write about the performance of roll massage.

During the rolling, condensed connective tissue and deep muscle tension are dissolved while the wooden rollers create a negative pressure. This in turn increases blood circulation and stimulates the body's lymphatic system. 


The lymph should not be carried back and forth, therefore it is extremely important to remember that the direction of the roller should always rotate inwards and upwards towards the heart! 

ShapeRoll Pos.11.jpg

When you roll, you lean against the wooden rollers and move your body in different positions, while following the natural flow of the lymph fluid (lymph) in the right order and direction.

Simple, pleasant and beneficial

Roll massage is not very strenuous, therefore the target group of users is very wide and suitable even for those who do not have much power or strength. Thus, role massage suits most people, young and old, regardless of what physical conditions you have as a starting point!It's easy to access trigger points and problem areas without having to be excruciatingly painful or cumbersome. You can regulate the speed of the rotation yourself and how hard you should press against the roller. The first few times always feel extra and then it's good not to push too hard or start with too high a speed. 

From old idea to innovative thinking

Rolling massage and reflexology is nothing new, it is an ancient method that originates from the Chinese medical art. People have long known the importance of getting their circulation, lymph flow and stimulating the skin going. People have used bamboo sticks, grooved rolling pins and still do today. In our time, this has been supplemented with, among other things, massage balls and foam rollers, which can be both time-consuming, complicated and also very painful. 

wooden equipment for anti-cellulite mass
Bamboo massage sticks isolated on white
Wooden hand massager isolated on a white
Traditional manual therapeutic massage s
Blue double or peanut spikey ball massag
A black bumpy foam massage roller. Foam

The intensity and results are astounding

Since the rolling machines are both powerful and smooth in their execution, the effects are also very noticeable! The roller machines are incredibly effective and cannot be compared to either foam rollers or various manual treatments, even though the basic principle is the same. Comparing a roller machine with a foam roller would be like comparing a gym machine with a jump rope, effective in its own way but completely different results and feeling. 

Manual roller massage is an old method

Manualroll massageis an old method that originates from Chinese medicine. With the help of various manual tools, the body was helped to increase circulation and oxygenation while receiving a proper in-depth massage. Although this is effective, it can be extremely costly in the long run. This type of treatment is no longer very common and has been replaced by various mechanical devices.

Madero therapy back thigh muscle massage

Mechanical roller massage is a new method

Mechanical roll massageis a modernized method adapted to the modern man's lifestyle. Using self-propelled machines with rotating wooden rollers, the body is helped to increase circulation and oxygenation while receiving a proper deep connective tissue massage. This type of treatment is extremely practical, effective and also affordable because bthe e-action is performed independently by the user. This results in lower personnel costs forthe holder and thus the treatments also become advantageous in terms of price for the customer. That in turnenable that there is a greater chance of being able to roll regularly without it becoming expensive and financially unsustainable in the long run.

Other benefits of role massage

Easily accessible

The machines never get "tired" and can practically work 24/7, which in turn increases availability. Avoid adapting to long waiting times and other people's schedules.


The rolling machines are easy to understand and adjustable. Decide for yourself when, how long, which parts and how intensively you want to roll. Adjust according to your needs!


The machines are powerful, intensive and smooth in their execution, hence fast results! All bodies react differently, however, the majority of users experience some kind of difference already after the first roll!


Get a massage quickly and easily, at work, at home or at the gym. Save time, money and above all stay healthier and increase your well-being without it having to be complicated or complicated.

Two different versions of role massage

Full body massage

Here, the main aim is to get the lymphatic system going.

In this case, it is important to follow a predetermined program developed in collaboration with doctors to follow the natural flow of lymph in the right order and direction! If the flow has been stopped for various reasons, it can lead to many negative consequences. This type of roll massage is profound and cleanses the body of waste products, activates lymph circulation, which in turn strengthens the immune system. 

For this purpose isShapeRoll Original ProTouch the best choice of machine as it guides you through the various programs.


This variant of role massage can i.a. help to:​

  • Activate the lymphatic system

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Renew the balance in the hormonal system and the nervous system.

  • Increase metabolism (metabolism)

  • Eliminate or reduce cellulite

  • Reduce persistent stubborn fat deposits (breech thighs, back fat, inner thighs, stomach, etc.)

  • Expel excess fluid (swelling of legs, fingers, hands and arms)​

Poster positioner ShapeRoll Original.jpg

This is ShapeRoll Original's schedule and positions for properly performed roll massage. Here it is described how to roll in the correct order and direction.

Rollmassage på OxyTone Peter Blaha.jpg

The random roll massage does not require a program, you simply roll itmuscle or the area you wish to massage, oxygenate or recover.

Random role massage focusing on a specific area

Here, the primary aim is to soften, oxygenate or recover selected muscles, alternatively dissolve spasms, massage certain points according to individual needs. Of course, you should also follow the flow of the lymph here, but there is no need to roll all the parts as in the full-body massage. People who only need this option already have a good flow in the lymphatic system, which can both be seen and felt. OxyTone samtShapeRoll Original Basicare in this case best suited.

This type of massage can counteract:

  • Back pain/cramp in the legs

  • Numbness in arms and fingers

  • Stiffness and pain in the body - short connective tissue

  • Training soreness

  • Inadequate oxygenation

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