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  • Recensioner | Nordic Shapestore

    Reviews Each individual has their own experience and story, here we have collected different reviews from different perspectives. The reactions, effects and results are beyond all expectation and above all people's joy when they are helped, achieve the desired results or raise their performance. What we know for sure is that you are positively affected in one way or another by roll massage on our machines! If you have used one of our machines and want to share your experience, please email Maggie Wahlberg Perspektiv: Hälsa, Celluliter, Vätskeansamling, Viktminskning, Figurformning ​ ​ ​ Till recension Matin Parvini Perspektiv: Träning, Uppvärmning, Återhämtning Vätskeansamling ​ ​ Till recension Emelie Zahirovic Perspektiv: Styrketräning, Uppvärmning, Återhämtning, Sömn, Hälsa, Celluliter, Huduppstramning ​ ​ Till recension Ako Rahim Perspektiv: Styrketräning, Uppvärmning, Återhämtning ​ ​ ​ Till recension Linda Pedersen Perspektiv: Hälsa, Smärta, Fibromyalgi, Viktminskning ​ ​ Till recension Mikael Ericsson Perspektiv: Träning, Uppvärmning, Återhämtning, Smärta ​ ​ Till recension Linda Granqvist Perspektiv: Styrketräning, Återhämtning, Hälsa, Huduppstramning, Vätskeansamling ​ Till recension Kim Andersson Perspektiv: Handboll, Träning, Uppvärmning, Återhämtning ​ ​ Till recension Annika Jönsson Perspektiv: Omfångsminskning, Figurformning Celluliter, Välmående Hälsa, Smärta, Migrän, ​ Till recension Isa Olsson Perspektiv: Gymägare, Träning, Hälsa, Uppvärmning, Återhämtning ​ ​ Till recension Christina Brodin Perspektiv: Styrketräning, Uppvärmning, Återhämtning, Ämnesomsättning, Lymfsystem, Detox, Celluliter ​ Till recension Shad Burhan Perspektiv: Träning, Uppvärmning, Återhämtning, Smärta ​ ​ Till recension Melissa Zahirovic Perspektiv: Hälsa, Sömnrubbningar, Smärta, Fibromyalgi, Uppstramning, Celluliter ​ Till recension Debbie Alexander Perspektiv: Återhämtning, Välmående, Uppstramning, Celluliter, Smärta, Spänningar, Stelhet ​ Till recension Fanny Swerkström Perspektiv: Styrketräning, Återhämtning, Hälsa Välmående, Vätskeansamling ​ ​ Till recension Rebecca Lundquist Perspektiv: Träning, Uppvärmning, Återhämtning ​ ​ Till recension

  • OxyTone | Nordic Shapestore

    This is the product inspired by our already existing success ShapeRoll ® Original . In order to be able to match the demand from another market segment, we have chosen to optimize and develop a new machine with specific characteristics and construction details. OxyTone® is ergonomic, user-friendly and requires no prior knowledge. The design has been developed to fit into a gym environment, the construction is massive and robust to be able to withstand a bit tougher grip. The frame is entirely in steel and the machine has a cage with handles to make it easier for the user at hard-to-reach points and areas. The machine is self-propelled, which makes it easy for the training individual to use and adjust according to their own needs. OxyTone® has an obvious place in every complete gym, where it should be available to all those who want to be able to soften, stretch, warm up before or recover the muscles after their training. OxyTone® is extremely appreciated by its users and has become the big favorite among the machines of well-stocked gyms! ​ ​ Let us 6bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ introduce OxyTone ® OxyTone contributes to: Before exercise/physical activity: Increases performance Optimizes the pass Oxygenates the muscle cells before training, i.e. the core Maximizes the warm-up ​ After exercise/physical activity: Faster recovery after exercise Accelerates the emptying of lactic acid and other waste products, i.e. empties the affected muscle groups of waste ​ ​ Other: Gets blood circulation going​​​_d04a07d 8-9cd1-3239-9149-20813d6c673b_ Increases vitality Muscle tone is reduced/normalized Relieves muscle tension Puts fat cells into lipolysis where they are more easily burned Tightens the skin ​ ​ OxyTone® XXL Specifikationer: ​ Bredd: 100cm Djup: 60cm Höjd: 200cm Vikt: 100kg Maxbelastning: 150kg Styrning: Manuell Reverse: Ja Infravärme: Ja Nödstopp: Ja Roll massage on OxyTone® Here Ako Rahim performs roller massage on the OxyTone roller massage machine

  • Gym och Träningcenter | Nordic Shapestore

    Roller massage & Training center Many researchers and experts know that massage in combination with exercise is among the most effective recovery methods. Despite this knowledge, many gyms still lack adequate sports massage equipment in their gym equipment park. ​ Having masseurs on site to massage the gym members free of charge would be neither financially nor time-sustainable. In the absence of solutions, it provides its members with manual tools that can be both exhausting, painful and noisy. The result is that many forgo recovery altogether. Our solution to the problem is roller massage and the OxyTone massage machine! What we offer is a developed and streamlined method that is simple to implement and brings quick results. We have adapted and facilitated the pace and lifestyle of modern man so that it should be fast, simple and efficient! We have developed and produced the OxyTone roller massage machine to cover the lack of sports massage in gyms. With OxyTone in the gym, members' needs are met in a truly exceptional way! Robust, durable, powerful and extremely efficient! One of a kind, OxyTone is the only roller massager on the market created just for the gym industry. OxyTone is highly praised and appreciated by users and we are often told that it is the best machine in the gym. OxyTone has attracted many members from other gyms only because of its existence in the gyms where it is found. The users are enthralled the first time they are massaged by OxyTone, therefore it is very easy to impress by having this massage machine in your gym. The feeling of being massaged by this effective massage device is indescribable and no matter how much you try to explain how it feels, it is impossible to convey the feeling. You can't imagine how amazing it feels until you've experienced OxyTone's magical touch! ​ More about OxyTone® >> Roll massage on OxyTone® Great addition, but it's equipment after all and can't be compared to gym equipment We often hear: "it's like a huge foam roll"Not at all! Just as an ab wheel is not the same as an ab machine or a rubber band cannot be compared to a leg machine. Simple manual equipment belongs to a completely different category than gym equipment and we see it only as a supplement to gym machines. So even though they are good and helpful in their own way, you can don't expect the same intensity, feeling or quick results. What does your gym offer for equipment that optimizes the warm-up and maximizes recovery? Training in all its glory but how is the recovery? Recovery is among the most important and yet it is forgotten!? Research shows that sports massage is the most effective solution to counteract the consequences of heavy lifting, overexertion, intense workouts, stiff and sore muscles. Despite this, well-stocked and popular gyms still lack functional equipment to meet their members' recovery needs. What does your gym offer for massage facilities that are actually included in the gym fee? "Unfortunately, we have no room!" is the most common argument why gyms do not purchase OxyTone There seems to be room for far too much else, but for a single sports massage device there is no room. Are all treadmills really used? Or is it possible to set aside one or two to make room for some roller massage machines. Two stykken OxyTone takes up the same space as a treadmill. Or is it just that simple that you are stuck in an old rut regarding what equipment a modern gym should have? The classic stereotype of gyms, loads of treadmills and no sports massage equipment at all We want to inform and help review the uneven distribution Roller massage machines have as obvious a place in the gym as both treadmills, exercise bikes or cross-trainers . Despite that, the distribution often looks like the picture, i.e. lots of unused treadmills and not a single sports massage equipment throughout the gym. We have experience with members queuing at OxyTone for sports massages, especially right after group sessions, while scores of treadmills are at a standstill at the same time. Is this reasonable, we ask ourselves ? Why do you opt out of the opportunity to give yours members access to sports massage? Why not prioritize the importance of recovery, tissue massage, better oxygenation and optimized training? However, we do not want to judge, but rather help! If you, as a member or owner, are missing roller massage machines at your gym, we will be happy to help change that! ​ Psst! Did you know that... ​ ...if a gym with 500 members and rents an OxyTone, they would have to raise the membership fee by SEK 5/month to cover the cost. Innovation and development The world is changing ever faster and the demands for renewal, i.e. innovation, increases at the same rate. This means new requirements - and opportunities to develop new and long-term sustainable business models. Because the fact is, doing nothing is not the same as standing still, but for many a risk of falling behind. These are tough times and the competition between gyms is greater than ever. The girl is soon reached over how one gym should excel over the other. We give you a unique opportunity to impress and make your gym exceptional with a well-equipped machine park and optimal solutions for everyone. With roller massage devices, you can e.g. attracting a whole new clientele who hadn't considered joining a gym at all. Gym member, stand up and make your voice heard! We know that there are many of you out there who wish your gym had purchased roller massage equipment, it is not uncommon for us to receive calls from people who wonder why their gym does not have one OxyTone or want tips on gyms that procure them. What we usually recommend is to talk to those in charge, for example the staff at the reception or the site manager. The alternative is to gather more people and that you jointly make a request or put in a wish, it can often weigh more heavily when it comes from several directions. We are happy to help by contacting us and informing the gyms. Then it's up to them, and to You/Er! If you are not heard, there are plenty of other gyms you can switch to. After all, you are a customer and pay for your gym to remain, then you also have the right to be able to participate and wish for what kind of equipment there should be. The question is what is most important to you, the cheapest gym fee, the largest number of clubs to choose from or actually a well-equipped gym that enables you to get optimized training and can recover you and your body after training in the best possible way.

  • Hotell & Wellness | Nordic Shapestore

    Hotel & Wellness With a WellRoll in place, you can excel with treatments beyond the ordinary! Regardless of whether your hotel has a large spa, a small wellness area, relaxation corner or none of these, WellRoll fits in and can offer guests that little something extra. Let the guests have a roll massage in the relaxation area or why not go even further and offer a roll massage in the room where guests can rent one or more machines per hour or for the entire stay. Innovation and development The world is changing ever faster and the demands for renewal, i.e. innovation, increases at the same rate. This means new requirements – and opportunities to develop new and long-term sustainable business models. Because the fact is, doing nothing is not the same as standing still, but for many a risk of falling behind. Prevailing circumstances have meant that many industries have had to rethink and adapt in the best possible way. The corona pandemic has had tremendous consequences and it is now necessary to stand up and look at solutions that can be effective for the business and which at the same time can offer security for potential guests who would otherwise have chosen to stay at home. Uncertainty and fear mean that many people still want to keep their distance and some are hesitant to meet other people in, for example, the wellness department. Roll massage at WellRoll gives guests an opportunity to have an experience in privacy, without close contact or physical touch. With WellRoll in place, you stand out and can offer something out of the ordinary. Now there are unique opportunities to impress and make your hotel exceptional with optimal solutions for everyone. Excel at being able to treat your guests to that little extra and offer role massage in the room! As a guest, having the opportunity to receive a deep massage in the room is an incredible luxury and out of the ordinary. Guests have the option of renting one or more machines per hour or alternatively a room with a stationary machine. WellRoll suits those who don't want to have to adjust to booked times, who want to relax in privacy but also those who don't want or dare to take the step and meet people in the relaxation department. For them, there is the option of being able to enjoy a wonderful massage in the room. Advantages: ​ Private Comfortable Flexible Takes up little space Easy to move Advantages: Wide customer base Unique range Comfortable Flexible Profitable No personnel costs Offer treatments to the public and attract a bigger one clientele By offering regular role massages, you can also attract a different clientele than the hotel guests. Offer, clip cards, monthly cards or annual cards and bring in regular customers from the local area. Or why not conclude an agreement with various companies that can send their employees to you to receive health care. Roll massage is extremely appreciated by its users and increases well-being regardless of one's preferences or starting point. The efficiency is extensive and the machines benefit from different perspectives from the inside and the outside. This results in a wide customer base where you do not limit yourself to a particular category or group. The bonus is that customers carry out the treatments themselves, which saves on personnel costs. Create lectures, events, courses or themed weekends in the sign of health Feeling good has never been like this relevant topic as it is today. We live in a changing time where the pandemic has driven and reinforced new values and what is important to us. After two abnormal years of being very sedentary, we realize the importance of improving our immune system and general health. For many, it's a jungle and you don't know what to do to optimize your well-being. V are creative with us and get a larger target group where we increase well-being and contribute to improved health and commitment. A wellness solution where everyone can participate! ​ Advantages: Fits most of them Beneficial Informative Up to date Funny Uniquely SPA & Relax Does your hotel have a SPA or Wellness department? Contact us and we will tell you more about different solutions that can be beneficial for Your business and your customers.

  • Användningsområden | Nordic Shapestore

    Industries & Areas of Use Hem & privat bruk Unna Dig ett bättre välmående och gör det på Dina egna premisser. Skaffa en WellRoll för hemmabruk och ha Din alldeles egna massör på hemmaplan. Få tiden att räcka till, ta hand om Ditt välmående utan att behöva prioritera bort annat. Prisvärd vardagslyx! ​ Se mer Läs mer Arbetsplats & kontorshotell Att ha WellRoll på arbetsplatsen är gynnsamt både för arbetstagare och arbetsgivare. Stillasittande eller överansträngning kan få ogynnsamma konsekvenser. Skapa bättre arbetsmiljö och få en friskare personal. Väl värd investering och win/win för alla! ​ Se mer Läs mer Gym & träningscenter Alla vinner på att Ditt gym erbjuder lösningar som bidrar till optimerad träning och snabb återhämtning. Gymmedlemmarna får bästa möjliga träningsupplevelsen och gymmet kan briljera med att vara ett exceptionellt! Vad utmärker Ditt gym från alla andra? Flest klubbar i landet, billigast gymavgift? Eller bäst utrustad gymmaskinpark? Se mer Läs mer

  • Syre | Nordic Shapestore

    About Us Finding Inspiration at Every Turn This is your About Page. This space is a great opportunity to give a full background on who you are, what you do and what your website has to offer. Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want site visitors to know. Our Story Every website has a story, and your visitors want to hear yours. This space is a great opportunity to give a full background on who you are, what your team does, and what your site has to offer. Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want site visitors to know. If you're a business, talk about how you started and share your professional journey. Explain your core values, your commitment to customers, and how you stand out from the crowd. Add a photo, gallery, or video for even more engagement. Meet The Team Don Francis Founder & CEO Ashley Jones Tech Lead Tess Brown Office Manager Lisa Rose Product Manager Kevin Nye HR Lead Alex Young Customer Support Lead Our Clients

  • ShapeRoll Studios | Nordic Shapestore

    ShapeRoll Studios Denna sida är en central platform för ShapeRoll Studios kunder. ShapeRoll Studios är ett samlingsnamn för företag som offererar behandlingar på ShapeRoll® Original. Här har vi samlat olika ställen runt om i landet som ingår i vår community. Notera att mottagningarna ägs av olika företag och kan därför ha olika namn, men att de likväl ingår i ShapeRoll Studios. Genom att välja stad blir du guidad till rätt studio och kan där läsa mer på deras egna hemsida och få all information du behöver inför ditt besök. ​ Tack för att du väljer ShapeRoll Studios! Malmö Centrum ShapeRoll Skills Engelbrektsgatan 13 (Ingång Skills by Tamara) 211 33 Malmö Telnr. 0707 - 509 509 Mer info Stockholm Södermalm Pelegrino Götgatan 1 (Ingång Scandic Malmen) 116 21 Stockholm Telnr. 070 - 284 0727 Mer info Västerås Rubrik 5 You Östermälarstrand Öster Mälarstrands Allé 141 723 56 Västerås Telnr. 0707 - 509 509 Mer info Call 123-456-7890 Email Follow

  • Maskiner | Nordic Shapestore

    The machines Our high-quality machines are solid, sturdy, quiet and smooth in rotation. The natural wooden rollers are pleasantly shaped where comfort, efficiency and safety have been taken into account. We have three brands in our range, WellRoll® , ShapeRoll® Original & OxyTone® , all intended for one and the same thing,roll massage ! In addition to that, the machines differ on several points, both regarding appearance, function and purpose. With a large variation in execution, we are able to meet various needs. WellRoll® Original WellRoll ® is our simplified version with manual control. It is a universal machine suitable for both commercial and home use. The machine is available in different sizes, colors, Vigor Edition or Home Edition. Read more ShapeRoll® Original ShapeRoll ® Original is our flagship that has been on the market the longest and has taken its users by storm! It is a universal machine suitable for both commercial and home use. The machine is available in different sizes, Vigor Edition or Home Edition. This is the machine with program control. More info shortly OxyTone ® OxyTone ® is our shooting star who takes training to new heights! This massive and robust beast has been created to withstand a little tougher grip. OxyTone is a matter of course in all gyms, crossfit boxes and training facilities! Read more Our models Model S WellRoll ® / ShapeRoll ® Model M W17xH5xD 66 WellRoll ® / ShapeRoll ® Model L Model XXL OxyTone ® WellRoll ® / ShapeRoll ® Our machines and safety Optimal wooden roller ​ The distance between the wooden bars on the roller is designed to exclude the possibility of sticking fingers between the bars. Tipping safety Our machines are very strong and robust, the frame is designed to stand stable and safe. Regardless of the exercise you perform, you can feel secure that the machines are stable. Automatic IR ​ Our machines are equipped with automatic IR, i.e. the infrared heating is switched on when the drum starts to rotate and switched off when the drum is stationary. This eliminates the possibility of forgetting to turn off the IR after use. ​ Emergency Stop ​ Our machines are equipped with an emergency stop. The emergency brake is stylishly integrated in the form of a rocker board on both long sides. Press the board and the machine stops immediately. ​ ​ Switch ​ Our machines are equipped with a plug with a switch for extra safety. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Priser Priser Vi får ofta frågan varför vi inte har priser på vår hemsida. Anledningen till detta är att våra maskiner är skräddarsydda och anpassas efter varje kunds specifika behov. Vi vill ge våra kunder bästa möjliga service genom att erbjuda lösningar som uppfyller deras exakta behov. Eftersom varje kund har olika önskemål behöver vi ta hänsyn till faktorer som val av modell, färg, tillval och eventuella specialanpassningar. Detta innebär att priset på en maskin kan variera, därför kan vi inte ge en generell prissättning. Vi rekommenderar att du kontaktar oss direkt för att diskutera valmöjligheter och få en offert baserad på dina specifika önskemål. Genom att arbeta tätt tillsammans kan vi säkerställa att du får en enhet som passar just dig! Att välja rätt maskin... Läs mer

  • Finans Företag | Nordic Shapestore

    Finance your purchase by renting or leasing Rent is beneficial when you want to use or the feature but don't want to own the equipment What is rent? Wasa Kredit buys the equipment and then rents the equipment to your company. With a rental agreement, you as an entrepreneur have the opportunity to change or supplement the equipment during the current rental period. The longer the contract runs, the more room there is for upgrading. After the end of the rental period, the company can choose between extending the agreement and continue to rent or return the equipment to the supplier. ​ ​ Rent to companies Renting is suitable for companies that want to be able to spread the cost over time in order to simultaneously create a basis for future investments. You don't have to tie up equity, use bank collateral or lock in your credit. The rent is usually the same for the entire duration of the contract, which makes it easy to budget and adjust according to income. The rent only affects the income statement because the equipment is not included as an asset in the balance sheet. Rent is tax-deductible as it is deducted as an operating cost in the accounting. The contract period is usually between 24 and 60 months. What is leasing? Leasing is a form of long-term rental where Wasa Kredit as the lessor owns the equipment during the contract period, while you as the customer and lessee have full right of use. When the contract period comes to an end, you as a customer have committed to buy out the equipment at the predetermined residual value. Usually the term is between 24 and 60 months and the final residual value is 5 or 10 percent of the financed amount. The leasing fee is easy to budget as it is usually the same amount throughout the duration of the contract and can be adjusted to the income. You deduct the leasing fee as an operating cost and it does not burden your balance sheet. ​ ​ Why should you lease? Leasing is a way for your company to spread the cost over time. It does not burden your balance sheet as you deduct it as an operating cost in your accounting. The leasing fee is easy to budget and adjust to the income. You do not use the company's capital and can purchase the equipment and peripherals you need through a leasing agreement business without using your liquid funds. Leasing is an advantageous way for your company to directly access the utilization and distribute the cost over time Advantages for you as a customer The monthly cost is easy to budget and can be adjusted to the income ​ The entire sum is deductible, i.e. deducted as an operating cost, which means reduced tax. You retain liquidity and do not tie up capital. You spread the cost over time. You can finance up to 100 percent of the cost of an object.

  • Behandling på ShapeRoll Original | Nordic Shapestore

    Roll massage on ShapeRoll ® Original The treatment is for you who wish to cleanse the body of waste products, want to get good circulation going, reduce/eliminate stubborn fat deposits and cellulite. ShapeRoll stimulates and sculpts your body in a natural and highly effective way and contributes to visible results such as firmer, smoother and smoother skin with improved structure and more glow. As a positive side effectt of be the actions strengthen the immune system as waste products and toxins are removed and many feel much more energetic and generally healthier! F In order to achieve the best effect regarding the exterior, we recommend that you follow a predetermined program created in ShapeRoll ® Original. Unlike from the effects you seek in connection with training where you can point-roll, in this case you have to run the entire program. ​Continuity is also required here, which is a and o until the desired result is achieved. The method is very well proven and effective, to get the best results one should carry out at least 2-3 treatments a week until the desired result is achieved. After completing the course, maintenance treatment is recommended from time to time to preserve its fine results. This is how it works You make an appointment with your ShapeRoll instructor who will help set up the right program based on your specific needs. The first time, you always roll with an instructor who shows you how the machine works, how the exercises should be performed, etc. From treatment 2 you roll on your own. ShapeRoll Original guides you through the entire program, on the screen each position is shown in turn with an image. The machine automatically turns so that the roller goes in the right direction during the entire treatment to follow the flow of the lymph. Important to follow the entire program The treatment takes 20, 40 or 60 minutes where the body is massaged while the lymphatic system, oxygenation and blood circulation in the body are stimulated, which is the basis for visible results. This is done through various exercises that follow the natural flow of the lymph, where we start with the feet and finish with the back. It is very important to follow the chronological order of the lymph fluid, therefore the ShapeRolls programproduced in consultation with doctor. ShapeRoll contributes to a long-term better circulation that can give a long-lasting result. The treatment removes stubborn cellulite and troublesome fat deposits from the stomach, thighs and buttocks and tightens loose skin through a beneficial, in-depth massage method. For best results, we recommend a course of treatments. Customized programs according to different figures and needs ShapeRoll has different programs that are adapted to each user's needs. The program goes through the whole body, but the machine is pre-programmed to spend less or more time on selected parts. Your ShapeRoll therapist will help you find the right program for your specific needs and wishes. Read more Get even better results! When treated with ShapeRoll, you get extremely fast and noticeable results! However, the effect increases if you maintain a healthy diet and good cardio training. In fact, it actually goes both ways, if you already exercise and eat right, ShapeRoll helps you get an even better and faster result. It is important that you help the body's purification by increasing your water intake both before and after treatment, this is especially important because the excretion of toxins in the body increases. Continuity and personal effort in the form of diet and exercise are important to maintain the result. Frågor & svar Hur snabbt ser man resultat? Givetvis är detta individuellt! På vissa krävs det endast ett fåtal behandlingar medan det för andra kan ta lite längre tid. Det beror helt och hållet på den enskilda individens förutsättningar så som ålder, vad man har för utgångsläge, hur pass aktiv man är, vad man äter för kost m.m. Det finns kunder som rapporterat förbättring efter endast en behandling men resultaten kommer i regel efter ett par veckor. Tänk på att man i vissa fall har dragits med sina oönskade åkommor/bekymmer i åratal, man bör vara medveten om att det kan ta lite längre tid att bli av med alla de slaggprodukter kroppen samlat på sig under ett helt liv. Som vi brukar säga: Det spelar egentligen ingen roll om det tar en vecka eller längre, börjar du inte alls får du inga resultat överhuvudtaget! Hur många behandlingar behöver man? Antalet behandlingar är individuellt och beror på kroppstyp, fysik och kostvanor. Oavsett behövs en serie med behandlingar för att uppnå ett bra slutresultat. De flesta kunder väljer 3-månaderskort och går i genomsnitt 2-3 gånger/vecka. Måste man fortsätta efter uppnått resultat? Precis som med träning så kommer muskler och kondition inte att hålla i sig om man slutar att träna helt och hållet. Samma är det med rollning, man bör fortsätta rolla för att bibehålla sina fina resultat. Givetvis försvinner inte resultatet direkt om man slutar men kommer så småningom att avta med tiden. Hur ofta får eller bör man rolla? Om man vill ha snabbare resultat kan man rolla lite mer intensivt under en period. Då kan man rolla varje dag om man så önskar, men max 1 gång/per dag. Om man vill rolla i lagom takt kan man rolla 2-4 gånger/vecka. Efter uppnått resultat bör man rolla åtminstone 1-2 gånger/vecka för att upprätthålla sina resultat. Hur lång tid tar en behandling? En behandling tar mellan 20-60 minuter, beroende på vad man själv väljer för tid. Givetvis är 60 minuter det optimala men har man ont om tid någon dag så är 20 minuter bättre än att inte rolla alls. Finns det någon återhämtningstid efter behandling? Nej! Eftersom det inte finns någon återhämtningstid kan man återuppta normal aktivitet omedelbart efter behandlingen. Man blir inte heller svettig eller ansträngd under behandling vilket innebär att man inte behöver duscha efteråt. More info about role massage >>

  • Effekter | Nordic Shapestore

    The effects of the roll massage Roll massage is a natural all-in-one method that affects an incredible number of areas in and on the body! A thread of advice throughout the treatment regardless is: lymph circulation, blood circulation and oxygenation. As people have different preferences, interests, expectations and needs, we have chosen to divide the effects into different categories that are relevant in different areas. By categorizing the effects, we can get a good overview and overview of the beneficial effect of the role massage on our body from the inside out. The benefits are many, please read what role massage can do for you! HEALTH BEAUTY EXERCISE The bigthe difference is just the big onethe difference !

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