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Health care at the workplace

Buying into WellRoll®  for the workplace can be one of the best investments for your company and your staff!

Having a WellRoll®in the workplace is beneficial for both employees and employers. The roller massage machines are effective, intensive, easily accessible and user-friendly. Roll massage can be both relaxing and invigorating, but above all it is incredibly health promoting! Den starts blood circulation, oxygenation, the lymphatic system and relieves tension. This in turn strengthens the immune system, prevents and counteracts work-related consequences and much more.

With WellRoll at the workplace you get healthier and happier staff!

Healthier staff with role massage!

Give your staff the opportunity to quickly and easily start blood circulation, oxygenation, boost the lymphatic system and thus the immune system. Studies show that regular massage contributes to reduced sickness absence and increased performance.In challenging times like these where the world has changed, we realize now more than ever how important it is to strengthen your immune system and strengthen your health.It is now that the demand for wellness solutions is at its greatest, because you want to create an environment in the workplace where you take into account the well-being of the staff.

More and more companies today see WellRoll in the workplace as an investment to keep staff healthy for the long term.


Människor som arbetar i Open Office

Protect the well-being of the staff win/win for everyone!

Health care should be for everyone in the staff and not feel overwhelming

Larger target group, better results in the health care investment!

That companies can save money by actively investing in health care and occupational health care is nothing new, it is known that it leads to both healthier and more well-being staff. The question is what to bet on? Most people choose exercise and movement when alla knows that training and exercise are incredibly health-promoting. Unfortunately, exercise is not the best solution for all individuals. There are many among the staff who have neither the will nor the ability to make the effort. These people must be able to have access to alternatives, otherwise there is a very high risk that the health care ambitions among these people will be completely absent.

As an employer, you have the opportunity to broaden your horizons and include more employees in the health care initiatives and thus islandka participation in the wellness program. Because roll massage is not particularly strenuous, it appeals to a larger audience and can also include those who do not have optimal mobility. From experience we know that inthe fiefdom  can also lead to optimized mobility and reduced stiffness in the body, which in turn can increase the motivation to want to start training and exercising. For those who have the opportunity to exercise, roller massage provides extra strength and faster recovery.

Roller massage optimizes training and is therefore an excellent supplement


Roll massage

Increases blood circulation

Through increased blood circulation, you soften both muscles and tissues.

Strengthens the immune system

Roller massage increases the number of white blood cells in the body, which makes you more resistant to infections.

Accelerates healing and recovery

Through roller massage, you get an increased oxygen transport to the muscles, which leads to healing and faster recovery.

 Prevents and relieves tension headaches

A common cause of headaches is tension in the shoulders and neck. These muscles are softened with the help of roller massage.

Reduces anxiety and depression

Roller massage reduces the production of the stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine and increases the levels of feel-good hormones such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.

WellRoll effective against work-related ailments

  Poor blood circulation, pain in the shoulders and back due to sedentary work,stress injuries from heavy lifting, excess fluid or pain in legs and feet from standing all day, the list is long! Today, every second person walks around with some form of pain or muscle ache. This can occur through stressful, monotonous, one-sided or hard work. In the case of muscle pain, it is important to remedy the problem as soon as possible and not to wait. It is also common to get a cramp if you have overstrained a muscle, either during hard physical activity or if you have stood or sat in an uncomfortable position for a long time. The risk is that the problems will increase and become more difficult to remedy if no measures are taken.Whatever the need, the WellRoll machines are at the workplacepriceless! Roller massage can be the ultimate solution to prevent and counteract the consequences of both sitting still but also overexertion and strain injuries. Rarely has a product appealed to so many users and helped in so many different ways around numerous ailments and complaints. 

tired modern woman in blue blouse in the
Troubled bearded man massages aching nec
construction worker getting back injury.
Business woman having pain on foot.jpg
Side view of worker with backache while

Now the staff can get role massage on their own terms!

Let the staff have access to role massage when it suits them! Avoid long waiting times or having to adjust to other people's schedules.

WellRoll at the workplace is always available to the staff, when it suits and is most needed. If you urgently need to be massaged right now, you have access to a machine on the bounce. Only 5 minutes on WellRoll can work wonders or be decisive.

Massage the feet, calves, back, arms or the whole body, all according to time and need.

Fast, simple and effective!

Having WellRoll at work simplifies on so many levels, it doesn't have to be a project every time you want to get your much needed massage! Because the machines are always in place, you can treat yourself to shorter moments and do it more often. Since roll massage is not strenuous, you do not sweat, and therefore do not need to shower afterwards, nor do you need any oils or the like, which makes the whole procedure very easy. This makes it easier to squeeze a 5-20 minute gap into your weekly schedule, perhaps in connection with the beginning, end of the working day or in connection with lunch. 

WellRoll på Radinn.jpg

Access to intensive massage when it suits you and when you need it most!


Regular massage is the key!

WellRoll  is always available, this increasesthe availability and thus the use. Let the staff always have standing access to the massage! With WellRoll at the workplace there can never be problems, interruptions or anything else getting in the way. Nor does it become more expensive when you have to take in extra efforts or opportunities. When you choose to invest in a WellRoll so you increase the opportunity for the staff to receive massages continuously, and continuity is precisely one of the most important factors that contribute to a healthier existence, reduced absenteeism and better performance at work.


Wellness areas at work

No matter what kind of space or conditions your company has, get a WellRoll good location and fits into different environments. It is just as well to place it inside the company gym, the simple wellness room, etc. in more general and social areas such as the lounge. Because it is possible to influence how the machine should look, you can match it with the rest of the interior. Then WellRoll  is incredibly quiet and neither drowns out nor distracts, so you don't disturb your surroundings when you roll.

modern arbetsyta
WellRoll Kontor.jpg
Set of sports equipment with fitness bal
Modern house interior, nobody inside.jpg

Easily accessible

The machines never get "tired" and can practically work 24/7, which in turn increases availability. You don't have to adapt to long waiting times and other people's schedules.


WellRoll is easy to understand and adjustable. You decide for yourself when, how long, which games and how intensively you want to roll. Adjust to your own needs!


WellRoll is powerful, intense and smooth in its execution, hence fast results! All bodies react differently, however, the majority of users experience some kind of positive difference already after the first role massage!


You can get a massage quickly and easily and when you want and need it. Being able to roll regularly leads to increased   well-being and a healthier body.


Having WellRoll at work is a worthwhile investment. It has low energy costs.


Did you know that...

...if a person rolls 3 times a week at the workplace, they get a full-body massage from SEK 125/time.

Divide that sum by the number of employees who use the machine, for example 10 employees = SEK 12.50/time

Inredning Windows

Excel And Offer Roll Massage At Your Office Hotel

Access to WellRoll®at the office hotel!

Do you own an office hotel? Excel by having roller massage machines in place! Having WellRoll in the office hotel that is available to the tenants is a big plus on the edge, it can even be decisive in order to rent from you. Offer free access to roller massages, alternatively that you can be massaged for a small fee and connect the machines to a pass system. The machines can be on the social surfaces, in the wellness room or in one of the unrented rooms. A WellRoll only requires an area of 5 square meters.

If you want role massage at the workplace, contact us! 

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