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Most people have at some point seen or had dimpled skin that resembles orange peel or, in the worst case, cottage cheese, we are of course talking about cellulite! These ossified pits which are certainly not dangerous but still an indication that the body is not completely in balance. Above all, cellulite is experienced in many cases as very cosmetically disturbing and usually mainly occurs on the buttock and/or thighs, but in some cases also the stomach and the inside of the upper arms. 

So how do you get rid of these persistent dimples - and why do you get them in the first place? 

What is cellulite?

Cellulite, or gynid lipodystrophy, is a condition where subcutaneous fat ie. fatty tissue under the skin clumped together and changed the structure of the skin tissue. Cellulite is both genetically and hormonally determined, and most people can suffer from cellulite, regardless of age, body shape or weight. It mainly affects women and can start as early as after puberty. The condition is not dangerous but only cosmetic and most women are affected to some extent.


Cellulite is divided into three levels:

Level 1

 If the dimples are only visible when you pull the skin together, it is a sign that water has collected in the tissue.

Level 2

If the pits are visible when you stand up, water, fat and waste products have started to clump together in the tissue. This is also a sign of poor blood circulation

Level 3

If the pits are visible even when you are lying down, the slag has started to form a jelly-like mass which eventually takes on a firmer consistency. These are the harder ones to get rid of.

Why do you get cellulite?

There are many different reasons why cellulite forms, it can be genetic, hormonal, due to poor blood circulation, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, sitting still, birth control pills, smoking, alcohol, but it can also be due to the formation of more and larger fat cells and the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. Thickened connective tissue together with poor blood circulation is the main reason why the body forms cellulite. As blood circulation decreases with increasing age, it contributes to an increase in waste products and thickening of the connective tissue. As you get older, the skin also loses some of its elasticity, which in turn can lead to dimples. 



The female sex hormones progesterone and estrogen are the main causes of cellulite. Estrogen promotes the configuration and expansion of fat cells around the buttocks, thighs and breasts, while Progesterone leads to the development of weak veins, fluid retention and weight gain. There are various  factors that can affect the occurrence of these.


Poor diet is believed to be one of the reasons behind cellulite.  Good nutrition with good and clean food helps the body get rid of toxins. Food with a lot of chemicals and additives that the body does not have time to use the tissues as a dumping ground for what the body does not have time or is able to break down and eliminate via our cleansing pathways. 


When the lymphatic system does not work as it should, toxins, i.e. poisons, get stuck in our body. These settle in the tissue and around the fat cells. In the worst case, waste products can grow together with connective tissue and fat cells and form fibrosis. Food, medicines, exhaust gases, smoking are among others. contributing, but the biggest culprit is actually our clothes.

Poor circulation

The lymphatic system is an extremely important part of the body's circulatory system together with the blood circulation, it functions as a waste transport to remove waste products from our tissues and soft parts such as skin, muscles and fat tissue. 

Naturlig skönhet

Cellulite is not about being overweight

Cellulite and dimples in the skin cannot be removed and are not due to excess weight either. The amount of cellulite is independent of body weight and body fat, but it becomes more visible when overweight. Thin people can also suffer from cellulite, although more overweight people are affected. UsingShapeRollcan you still have the same weight, maintain your shape and get rid of cellulite in a very effective and natural way.

How does cellulite occur?

Cellulite is caused by fat cells under the skin becoming more and larger, but also by fluid accumulating in the tissues around them. Of the skinanchor points, which are not elastic, pull the skin down into underlying tissue. Between these, the swollen fat cells and excess fluid bulge upwards while the connective tissue bands pull downwards. Why, a pit has appeared! The reduced blood circulation contributes to an accumulation of metabolic waste products, deterioration of the metabolism and thickening of the connective tissue. The elasticity deteriorates and calluses can appear in the tissue. This results in areas with fat deposits and cellulite thatnotresponds to physical exercise or strict diet.  

cellulit bindvävsband.jpg




  1. Connective tissue bands pull down

  2. Fat cells push upwards

Men vs. Women

Cellulite affects around 80-90 percent of all women. Men very rarely suffer from cellulite, partly because that they have thicker skin than women but also because men have "crossed" connective tissue bands, which means that they are not pulled straight down and thus do not create dimples. However, cellulite can affect men with hormonal disorders such as hypogonadism (testosterone deficiency). How much depends on various factors, including heredity.   

man kvinna.jpg

The epidermis

The leather skin

Fat cells



Connective tissue band


Cellulite concept. Fruits and diet again

How to get rid of cellulite?

1. The best way to get rid of cellulite is to combine a cellulite treatment with a change in lifestyle.

2. By either reducing the volume of the fatty tissue and/or increasing the elasticity of the connective tissue. There are   treatments that can reduce the volume of the fatty tissue and thus the pressure against the skin surface. There are also treatments that can increase the elasticity of the connective tissue.

3. Through a deep and powerful massage that loosens the connective tissue and increases circulation under the skin. The deep massage stimulates the tissue which softens and drains on liquid. This reduces the pressure on the skin, which in turn reduces the visibility of cellulite.

4. In combination with the above points, anti-cellulite creams/oils can actually be very effective!

Are there treatments that work?

There are many "miracle cures" that promise to combat them in a short time - and new high-tech methods appear all the time. But do they really work? 

There are many treatments out there that actually do that! But usually it is both costly and time-consuming in the long run. A treatment can vary between 500-SEK 2,000 per occasion and a course of treatments is required until results are achieved. Then you also have to have entertaining treatments because the result is a fresh product. Since the main key is continuity, it can be costly in length.


We recommend treatments on ShapeRoll Original, which are both incredibly effective and affordable!

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