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Shape the body with ShapeRoll

based on your conditions

We all have different conditions regarding appearance, age, body type, hormones, strength, stamina, time, interest, willpower, exercise routines, diet, etc.

Roll massage on ShapeRoll is helpful regardless of starting position or unique circumstances. The treatment cannot be compared to any other and the results are both fast, effective and visible. The figure is shaped in a natural and extremely beneficial way. With regular roller massage, you get a cleansed and detoxified body that will show signs of well-being and vitality. With the help of ShapeRoll Original, you get a body and figure that radiates health and energy!

Underkläder Modeller


Shaping the figure is not the same as losing weight

Different body types tend to put on fat deposits in different places on the body. Regardless of how balanced you eat or how regularly you exercise, there are certain persistent areas that just refuse to let go and give way.Breeches thigh, fat rolls on inner thighs,backboobies are some typical examples. We often hear: Det cannot be spot burned!That's right, you can't spot burn but man canput the fat cells inlipolysisand it is possible to massageremove stubborn fat deposits! So can you really get rid of your unwanted stored fat deposits?Yes! 

With treatments on ShapeRoll Original, fat deposits can be reduced in a natural way by:

  • ​Da mechanical processing of the fat cells softens the fat and a local burning process is started in the area being treated.  

  • The tissue is heated using IR and the heat in turn increases the burning of the fat tissue. 

  • The blood and lymph circulation is activated and sweeps away slag substances that are drained from the fat cells.

Volume reduction without weight loss

How is it possible to reduce so much in girth without any weight loss?

When toxins and fluid get stuck between the fat cells, these are pushed out from each other and then this can create an illusion that we have gained weight due to increased volume. The treatment with ShapeRoll increases the lymph circulation, which makes it easier for waste products and toxins to be drained out, while the fat cells undergo lipolysis and release stored energy (the fat is broken down and transported through blood and lymph out of the body).

Fluids and other waste products trapped by swollen cells are released, the connective tissue is softened and its elasticity is restored. In addition to the fact that this procedure gives satisfactory results, it is also optimal from a health perspective.

Fettceller slaggprodukter.jpg

Fettceller med mycket slaggprodukter samt vätska emellan som tränger ut fettcellerna ifrån varandra. Detta tillstånd kan leda till celluliter alternativt att man ökar i omfång utan att öka i vikt.

Fetceller mindre toxiner

Fettceller med lite slaggprodukter runt sig kräver inte lika mycket plats och trängs därmed inte ut från varandra. Detta bidrar givetvis även till att man är mindre omfångsmässigt. 

Bild 2

A2 Resultat ShapeRoll.jpg

ShapeRoll-terapeuten tyckte däremot att kunden minskat i omfång och insisterade att man skulle följa upp med fotografering. Som man kan se hade kunden ökat i vikt men minskat i omfång.

17:e mars: 83kg

Bild 1

A1 resultat ShapeRoll.jpg

Tyvärr skötte inte kunden på bilderna kosten alls mellan bild 1 och bild 2. Tvärtom åt hon väldigt onyttigt och ville egentligen inte fotograferas eller vägas inför bild 2. Eftersom hon visste att hon misskött sin kost och därmed ökat i vikt, så var hon även övertygad om att hon ökat i omfång.

22:a februari: 81kg

Bild 3

A3 Resultat ShapeRoll.jpg

Mellan bild 2 till 3 började kunden även bruka allvar med balanserad och nyttig kost. Så totalt har hon minskat i vikt med 2kg från bild 1 till 3. Utöver omfångsminskningen och de minskade fettdepåerna kan man även se hur fint huden stramats upp på väldigt kort tid.

5:e maj:  79kg

Do you want to know more about how ShapeRoll Original can help with weight reduction?

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