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Roller massage & Training center

Many researchers and experts know that massage in combination with exercise is among the most effective recovery methods. Despite this knowledge, many gyms still lack adequate sports massage equipment in their gym equipment park.

Having masseurs on site to massage the gym members free of charge would be neither financially nor time-sustainable. In the absence of solutions, it provides its members with manual tools that can be both exhausting, painful and noisy. The result is that many forgo recovery altogether.

Our solution to the problem is roller massage and the OxyTone massage machine!

What we offer is a developed and streamlined method that is simple to implement and brings quick results.

We have adapted and facilitated the pace and lifestyle of modern man so that it should be fast, simple and efficient! 

We have developed and produced the OxyTone roller massage machine to cover the lack of sports massage in gyms. With OxyTone in the gym, members' needs are met in a truly exceptional way!

Robust, durable, powerful and extremely efficient!

One of a kind, OxyTone is the only roller massager on the market created just for the gym industry.

OxyTone is highly praised and appreciated by users and we are often told that it is the best machine in the gym. OxyTone has attracted many members from other gyms only because of its existence in the gyms where it is found. The users are enthralled the first time they are massaged by OxyTone, therefore it is very easy to impress by having this massage machine in your gym.The feeling of being massaged by this effective massage device is indescribable and no matter how much you try to explain how it feels, it is impossible to convey the feeling. You can't imagine how amazing it feels until you've experienced OxyTone's magical touch!


Roll massage on OxyTone®

Great addition, but it's equipment after all and can't be compared to gym equipment  


We often hear: "it's like a huge foam roll"Not at all!

Just as an ab wheel is not the same as an ab machine or a rubber band cannot be compared to a leg machine.Simple manual equipment  belongs to a completely different category than gym equipment and we see it only as a supplement to gym machines.So even though they are good and helpful in their own way, you candon't expect the same intensity, feeling or quick results.

Fitness elastic band, elastic extenders
skipping rope isolated on white.jpg
A black bumpy foam massage roller. Foam

What does your gym offer for equipment that optimizes the warm-up and maximizes recovery?

Background image of various exercise mac

Training in all its glory but how is the recovery?

Recovery is among the most important and yet it is forgotten!?

Research shows that sports massage is the most effective solution to counteract the consequences of heavy lifting, overexertion, intense workouts, stiff and sore muscles.Despite this, well-stocked and popular gyms still lack functional equipment to meet their members' recovery needs. What does your gym offer for massage facilities that are actually included in the gym fee? 

"Unfortunately, we have no room!" is the most common argument why gyms do not purchase OxyTone

There seems to be room for far too much else, but for a single sports massage device there is no room.Are all treadmills really used? Or is it possible to set aside one or two to make room for some roller massage machines. Two stykken OxyTone takes up the same space as a treadmill.Or is it just that simple that you are stuck in an old rut regarding what equipment a modern gym should have? 

Modern gym interior with equipment. Fitn

The classic stereotype of gyms, loads of treadmills

and no sports massage equipment at all

Woman trains on a treadmill in the gym.

We want to inform and help review the uneven distribution 

Roller massage machines have as obvious a place in the gym as both treadmills, exercise bikes orcross-trainers. Despite that, the distribution often looks like the picture, i.e. lots of unused treadmills and not a single sports massageequipment  throughout the gym. We have experience with members queuing at OxyTone for sports massages, especially right after group sessions, while scores of treadmills are at a standstill at the same time. Is this reasonable, we ask ourselves?  Why do you opt out of the opportunity to give yoursmembers  access to sports massage? Why not prioritize the importance of recovery, tissue massage, better oxygenation and optimized training?

However, we do not want to judge, but rather help!

If you, as a member or owner, are missing roller massage machines at your gym, we will be happy to help change that!


Did you know that...

...if a gym with 500 members and  rents an OxyTone, they would have to raise the membership fee by SEK 5/month to cover the cost.

Innovation and development

The world is changing ever faster and the demands for renewal, i.e. innovation, increases at the same rate. This means new requirements - and opportunities  to develop new and long-term sustainable business models. Because the fact is, doing nothing is not the same as standing still, but for many a risk of falling behind. These are tough times and the competition between gyms is greater than ever. The girl is soon reached over how one gym should excel over the other. We give you a unique opportunity to impress and make your gym exceptional with a well-equipped machine park and optimal solutions for everyone. With roller massage devices, you can e.g. attracting a whole new clientele who hadn't considered joining a gym at all. 

Oxy 3.JPG

Gym member, stand up and make your voice heard!

 We know that there are many of you out there who wish your gym had purchased  roller massage equipment, it is not uncommon for us to receive calls from people who wonder why their gym does not have one OxyTone or want tips on gyms that procure them. What we usually recommend is to talk to those in charge, for example the staff at the reception or the site manager. The alternative is to gather more people and that you jointly make a request or put in a wish, it can often weigh more heavily when it comes from several directions.

We are happy to help by contacting us and informing the gyms. Then it's up to them, and to You/Er!  

If you are not heard, there are plenty of other gyms you can switch to. After all, you are a customer and pay for your gym to remain, then you also have the right to be able to participate and wish for what kind of equipment there should be.

The question is what is most important to you, the cheapest gym fee, the largest number of clubs to choose from or actually a well-equipped gym that enables you to get optimized training and can recover you and your body after training in the best possible way.

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