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With a WellRoll in place, you can excel with treatments beyond the ordinary! 

Regardless of whether your hotel has a large spa, a small wellness area, relaxation corner or none of these, WellRoll fits in and can offer guests that little something extra.

Let the guests have a roll massage in the relaxation area or why not go even further and offer a roll massage in the room where guests can rent one or more machines per hour or for the entire stay.

Innovation and development

The world is changing ever faster and the demands for renewal, i.e. innovation, increases at the same rate. This means new requirements – and opportunities to develop new and long-term sustainable business models. Because the fact is, doing nothing is not the same as standing still, but for many a risk of falling behind. Prevailing circumstances have meant that many industries have had to rethink and adapt in the best possible way. The corona pandemic has had tremendous consequences and it is now necessary to stand up and look at solutions that can be effective for the business and which at the same time can offer security for potential guests who would otherwise have chosen to stay at home. Uncertainty and fear mean that many people still want to keep their distance and some are hesitant to meet other people in, for example, the wellness department. Roll massage at WellRoll gives guests an opportunity to have an experience in privacy, without close contact or physical touch. With WellRoll in place, you stand out and can offer something out of the ordinary. Now there are unique opportunities to impress and make your hotel exceptional with optimal solutions for everyone. 

Excel at being able to treat your guests to that little extra and offer role massage in the room!

As a guest, having the opportunity to receive a deep massage in the room is an incredible luxury and out of the ordinary. Guests have the option of renting one or more machines per hour or alternatively a room with a stationary machine. WellRoll suits those who don't want to have to adjust to booked times, who want to relax in privacy but also those who don't want or dare to take the step and meet people in the relaxation department. For them, there is the option of being able to enjoy a wonderful massage in the room.

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  • Private

  • Comfortable

  • Flexible

  • Takes up little space

  • Easy to move

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  • Wide customer base

  • Unique range

  • Comfortable

  • Flexible

  • Profitable

  • No personnel costs

Offer treatments tothe public andattract a bigger one clientele

By offering regular role massages, you can also attract a different clientele than the hotel guests. Offer, clip cards, monthly cards or annual cards and bring in regular customers from the local area. Or why not conclude an agreement with various companies that can send their employees to you to receive health care. 


Roll massage is extremely appreciated by its users and increases well-being regardless of one's preferences or starting point. The efficiency is extensive and the machines benefit from different perspectives from the inside and the outside.

This results in a wide customer base where you do not limit yourself to a particular category or group. The bonus is that customers carry out the treatments themselves, which saves on personnel costs.


Create lectures, events, courses or themed weekends in the sign of health

Feeling good has never been like thisrelevant topic as it is today. We live in a changing time where the pandemic has driven and reinforced new values and what is important to us. After two abnormal years of being very sedentary, we realize the importance of improving our immune system andgeneral health. For many, it's a jungle and you don't know what to do to optimize your well-being. Vare creative with us and get a larger target group where we increase well-being and contribute to improved health and commitment. 

A wellness solution where everyone can participate!

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  • Fits most of them

  • Beneficial

  • Informative

  • Up to date

  • Funny

  • Uniquely


SPA & Relax

Does your hotel have a SPA or Wellness department?

Contact us and we will tell you more about different solutions that can be beneficial forYour business and your customers.

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