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ShapeRoll is a self-propelled, program-controlled massage device that guides the user through preset sessions throughout the session.The machine is equipped with a touch screen where you can follow the position images on the screen step by step in the correct order. The roller automatically turns and rotates in the correct direction according to the natural flow of lymph, this to facilitate the user. Pro version comes with Wave-speed (interval rotation) for extra effect. The strength of the built-in IR can be regulated just like the speed according to the user's own preference. ShapeRoll's preset programs last 20, 40, 60 and 90 minutes and  are adapted to meet different needs, preferences and body types.  ShapeRoll is available in 4 different models, such as Home Edition & Pro Edition.

ShapeRoll has armrests for greater comfort and is covered in artificial leather, which makes it very stylish and at the same time easy to keep clean and fresh. The natural massage roller is made of birch and is designed to provide the best possible feeling and effect. The machine is incredibly quiet and smooth in rotation. ShapeRoll is a more advanced machine compared to WellRoll and although both machines resemble each other, have the same frame and model design, they differ in both execution and purpose.

Various models & sizes

ShapeRoll®available in 3 different models/sizes.

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