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The three keywords

The most important thing is to understand that the secret lies withinthe lymphatic systemthe oxygenationand blood circulation regardless of what results you want. If any of these three are not working optimally, it can be seen and felt both inside and out. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts or miracle cures that can get past this, and for a sustainable result, continuity is what counts!



Lymph circulation

The lymphatic system is part of our immune system and its job is to expel excess fluid, inflammatory substances, bacteria, viruses and waste products. The lymphatic circulation must be functioning well to help the body remove accumulations of toxins/waste products. Inertia in the lymphatic system from a beauty perspective can, among other things, contribute to fluid retention, excess weight (also from a health perspective), tight connective tissue and pits in the skin (cellulite).



The secret to a smooth and healthy skin is a good exchange, i.e. good oxygenation and optimal removal of waste products. The skin needs oxygen to renew itself and stay healthy. The older you get, the more difficult it becomes for the body to oxygenate the blood on its own, and thus the skin. Poorly oxygenated skin is the first step to skin aging and the breeding ground for cellulite. Good oxygen supply is also a basic prerequisite for wound healing.  


Blood circulation

The main task of the blood is to transport oxygen in the body. A functioning blood circulation is needed to supply all the body's tissues with oxygen and nutrition and to transport away harmful metabolites and carbon dioxide. Since the skin needs oxygen to renew itself, the possibilities of maintaining young and healthy skin also increase. The blood circulation has a firming effect, improves skin tone, reduces swelling and contributes to the skin becoming smooth and fine. An increased blood circulation can thus prevent wrinkles.

What should be done then?

What you need to do is to get the lymphatic system, oxygenation and blood circulation going! It is important to find a method that stimulates these three in the best way. Massage/connective tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, have proven to be incredibly good treatments to help the body with just this. If you also eat a balanced diet and do some form of training or exercise, the body will feel at its best. The dilemma is that continuity is required, a regularity that is both time-consuming and can be very costly in the long run. This causes many people to back off, cancel before the effect is achieved or fail to maintain after the result is achieved. It is therefore important to find a method that is affordable, simple and effective, a method that makes it possible to maintain the required regularity. We recommendroll massage on ShapeRoll Originalwhich is both intensive, simple and gives incredibly fast results! The body is fantastic and handles everything as best it can based on its conditions. If we help it a little on the trot, we will soon notice positive effects. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly it can actually change!

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