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WellRoll® or ShapeRoll®?
Which machine is right for your purpose?

ShapeRoll®Original is a universal machine that is suitable for both commercial and home use. The machine is available in different sizes, colors and with or without software. Basicfor manual control with stepless knob.Pro-Touch is the software controlled option, this version has flat screen with touch function, figure-adapted programs, image display for each position inside the screen, interval speed mm 
ShapeRoll® is extremely quiet, smooth the rotation and is meticulous when it comes to the final finish, details and comfort.   


WellRoll Vigor &
ShapeRoll Pro-Touch Vigour
Model L


WellRoll is the name of the manual steering. This variant is suitable for experienced and experienced users who know the program's exercises by heart, alternatively   for those who do not want a program. 


Manual control or program?



ShapeRoll is the name of the software-controlled option. You should choose this solution if you want extra everything! Suitable for those who want guidance, will run a studio or have a machine for commercial use.


Alternatives & options

In order to cater to a wider area and a larger target group, there are many different options to choose from. You, as a buyer, have the opportunity to influence how exactly your machine will look and what functions it should have, according to needs, wishes, likes and tastes. 


Choose the right one for your purpose 

Before you plan your purchase of a machine, you must clarify what your purpose is. We have listed a number of points that should be taken into account.

  • Is the machine to be used commercially, at the company or is it for home use?  

  • How many people will use the machine?

  • How much space is available?

  • Which model is most suitable for your purpose? 

  • What engine power should the machine have?

Correct engine power

Is the machine to be used commercially, at the company or is it for home use? This is decisive for which engine to choose. There is a big difference between a machine that is in the home and will be used a maximum of 1-2 times/day compared to a machine that will be used more frequently, where many people will have access to it.

Home EDition

Home Edition heter den svagare motorn. Precis som namnet indikerar så är denna version endast lämplig för hemmabruk. Vi säljer inte maskiner med denna motor till företag, endast till privatpersoner.

Vigour Edition

Vigour Edition är namnet på den starkare motorn. En maskin som kommer att användas ofta och av många personer kräver mer styrka och en mer kraftfull motor. Enda valet för företag.

SR M&S.png

Correct model

How much space do you have? Which model is most suitable for your particular purpose? 

We are happy to help guide you if you need tips and advice.

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Färg Paint Palette

Color of frame

Which color suits you best? There are no restrictions here, we have a wide selection of colors to choose from. Match the colors of the machine with the interior where it will be placed.

Choose one color, or why not combine several?



Paint on wooden roller

We  have three standard colors in our range. Choose between the transparent natural colour, the modern high-gloss white or the luxurious mahogany brown.


*If you want a different color, it is of course possible. Contact us if you want to know more.

IR ShapeRoll

IR infrared heating

IR is a highly valued and well-invested option. The incredibly pleasant warmth combined with the effects makes a noticeable difference.


Our machines haveNever infrared heating starts when the roller is stationary, the infrared heating is first switched on automatically when the drum starts rolling and is switched off when the drum stops.This is a security measure. 

​The INFRA button is for those who don't want any infrared heat during roll massage.

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